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Merrick Woods From the Mouths of the Campers

Summer Photos and News 31 More Reasons Why

In honor of our 50th Anniversary, we asked our campers to let us know the things they love about Merrick Woods. From their responses, we’ve listed the top 50 reasons
(in no particular order).

  1. Friends:
    Seeing old friends and meeting new friends.” –Sophie (age 7)
    You meet a lot of new friends” –Anthony (age 10)
    I look forward to seeing my friends at camp every summer. My Merrick Woods friends are so nice.” –Jeffrey (age 6)
  2. Counselors:
    I love the counselors because I give them big hugs and they give me big hugs.” -Laney (age 5)
    My favorite things about mw are definitely the counselors and friends.” –Sara (age 11)
    Counselors!!!!!” –Jaclyn (age 7)
  3. It's shady under the trees.
  4. Totally cool activities.
  5. "It's cool and no other camp I've been to has a rock climbing wall with a zip line attached to it. I also like club because in fabric I got to decorate an umbrella and it looked really pretty and really cool!” – Caitlin (age 7)
  6. The great sports.
  7. All the Arts & Crafts.
  8. "It's a great place where you can swim many times a day and do fun things like string art and play gaga.” - John (age 9)
  9. Olympics.
  10. Carnival.
  11. "When I left early in July, the counselors and campers in G-10 chanted my name and clapped five times. It made me feel great. Also, I liked the pool slides, carnival day, and Olympics!” - Emma (age 9)
  12. The cool pool slides.
  13. Pudding Tug-o-war!
  14. "The wonderful staff, the fun-filled activities, and the warm family-oriented environment.” – Parents of Theo & Max (age 3)
  15. Marching parades in Music.
  16. The food.
  17. The playgrounds are so cool!” Matthew (age 4)
  18. TNT trips.
  19. Tween trips.
  20. "The trips are great and the people are nice.” Jennifer (age 13)
  21. Rock climbing.
  22. "It is so much fun. Block Island, ice cream every day, Merrick Woods Baseball and wacky wardrobe day. I like to play sports at camp.” – Courtney (age 4)
  23. Senior League.
  24. Junior League.
  25. "My favorite things about Merrick Woods are Olympics, league, sleepover, trips, sports, swimming, club, lunch, rock climbing, Fayette.” – Brandon (age 8)
  26. Carnival Prizes.
  27. I loved painting my face for Olympics!” – Jessica (age 6)
  28. The fun projects.
  29. Swimming.
  30. "I love Merrick Woods because it is a fun place to be. The pool slides are the best and the counselors are like my family – affectionate and kind.” –Jillian (age 4)
  31. The "Spinning Ride.”
  32. Gymnastics.
  33. "The campers are accepting of who you are. It’s my home away from home. It’s the one place an adult can still feel like a kid. The owners treat you like family.” – Stacy (parent staff) and family
  34. The camper carwash.
  35. Lip Sync Contest.
  36. "The counselors and people are so nice.” – Lauren (age 10)
  37. Ray and his chickens.
  38. "This is my eleventh summer at Merrick Woods. I started at B2, and now I am a Junior Counselor! I love it here! It’s amazing how you see your old friends each summer and make new friends too! – Ross (age 15)
  39. Putting on a performance in Drama Club.
  40. "Family Fun Day is great because everyone’s families get to have fun, play games, swim and run around at Merrick Woods.” – Jeffrey (age 6)
  41. Girls Sleepover Weekend.
  42. Pony Rides.
  43. "All of the counselors are cool, and it is fun and I love league and Merrick Woods is awesome. I love Merrick Woods. My favorite counselors are Brian, Ira, Justin and Jason. I love Merrick Woods! - Brandon (age 9)
  44. Club.
  45. "Merrick Woods has always been about family. Your family, my family and Merrick Woods, the family! From your extended family, to our extended family, Thank you and Happy 50th!!” –Tamara (parent staff) and family
  46. The bug juice.”
  47. "Because it is very fun!” -Jennifer (age 7)
  48. "Alexa and Angela have been going to camp at Merrick Woods for years. Alexa 8 summers, Angela 5 summer. Their Dad went to Merrick Woods in the 60’s. We have class pictures we could share with you if you want. We both grew up locally. Dean had a great experience at Merrick Woods and when it was time to pick a camp for our children, Merrick Woods was our 1st choice. Keep making the children smile. Happy 50th Anniversary!” -Parents of Alexa and Angela (ages 6 & 9)
  49. "Best Camp Ever!” –Abby (age 11)
  50. "I feel like it’s home but much more fun!” –Rebecca (age 7)